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Visual fields testing equipment

Visual fields

Visual field testing is essential in eye exams and the suitable method is chosen based on various factors.

Examination of your visual fields is an integral part of a full eye examination. There are several methods available and our optometrists will decide which is best for you depending on your age, health, visual acuity, family history and your ability to concentrate.

For more detailed examination of your visual fields we use two computer controlled instruments. Both are made by Carl Zeiss; the frequency Doubling Technique(FDT) and the Humphrey Field Analyser(HFA) 11 – i series.

Zeis Frequency Doubling Technique(FDT)

Is a very fast, approximately 40 seconds per eye, screening test that most of our patients find very easy to do. It has a proven diagnostic performance in detecting early visual field loss.

Optical equipment
Optical testing equipment

Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyser(HFA)

This is generally regarded as the “gold standard” visual field analyser in the world. If we detect any abnormality in your FDT results then we may go on to have a more comprehensive understanding of your visual field using the HFA. The system uses different stimuli to FDT and takes between 2-6 minutes per eye.

The result can also be integrated with the findings from the OCT by our FORUM software. This will analyse the results using an FDA approved normative database giving us more data on the significance of your results.

We recommend this level of investigation for all our patients with a family history of glaucoma.

With this level of investigation in the community we really do feel it contributes to our claim of providing “World class eyecare, in Mumbles, for all the family

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