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Spectacle tracer machine

Spectacle tracer

We were pioneers in Swansea for using the remote edging system, which precisely traces spectacle frames in 3D and sends the data directly to the lens manufacturer, eliminating human involvement in production.

In days of old we used to have to send spectacles off to a laboratory for them to manufacture the lenses and fit them to your frame of choice. This took more time and was not as accurate as technology now allows.

We have been using a system called remote edging for many years now and we believe we were the first in Swansea to start using it. The system involves tracing the inside of the spectacle frame in 3 dimensions to an accuracy of 100th of a millimeter. This data is them send, via the internet, directly to the lens manufacturer. The manufacturer’s production processes now have virtually no human input in the process.

So our computer software essentially talks directly to the robots that manufacture your lenses. This has produced a significant increase in the speed and accuracy of the manufacturing process.

This is nothing short of a revolution in the supply of spectacle lenses. For those of you who have higher prescriptions this means thinner, flatter, lighter lenses more accurately produced.

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