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Optomap is an extraordinary ultra-wide field camera which has become an invaluable part of our eye examinations. It produces a high-resolution 200° retinal image, giving us a panoramic view of 82% of the surface of the retina in a single capture. This helps us to detect many eye and health problems such as macular degeneration, retinal tears or detachment, diabetes and high blood pressure earlier than ever before. 

What is Optomap?

Traditionally we have photographed the retina with a fundus camera giving us a 45° image, however, many eye problems can develop before we notice any change in our vision, and these can occur in the peripheral retina which is not captured by a fundus camera.  With Optomap up to a staggering 97%, or 220⁰ of the retina can be imaged with the multi-capture function.

The optomap is fast, easy and comfortable and it rarely requires dilating eye drops. We recommend it for everyone, including children. The images are shown immediately on a computer screen so we can discuss and review it with you. The images are securely saved and are extremely beneficial for comparison in future examinations.

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