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Eye Scan


We have always been clear about the positive benefits great technology can bring to improving vision and preventative eyecare.

World class eyecare

We were one of the first practices in Britain to have a digital camera for photographing the back of the eye.

We now have one of the best integrated technological eyecare systems in the world from Carl Zeiss. This involves digital retinal photography, computerised visual field analysis and optical coherence tomography. These technologies combined with sophisticated software analysis has brought a whole new dimension to eyecare in the community; particularly glaucoma and macular screening.

Austin and Hannah also work with Professor Muhtaseb, of iLase, to provide world class eyecare including refractive surgery. We have a corneal scanner called the Pentacam which is recognised as the reference standard world wide.

Instruments such as these are normally only available in a hospital environment.

With this technology and level of instrumentation, we truly believe that we offer world class eyecare, in Mumbles, for all the family.

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