We pride ourselves on being contact lens specialists. We have highly enthusiastic staff, who try to provide our customers with the best possible vision whilst incorporating aspects their lifestyles and hobbies. This often leads us to recommend contact lenses.

There are many different options available, from those who wish to wear them occasionally for sport or socialising, to patients who want to wear them all the time for many reasons including convenience and visual acuity.

There have been huge advances in recent years, improvements have been made in:

  • > Quality of vision
  • > The materials used, improved comfort and more oxygen allowed through the lens
  • > Range of powers
  • > Ease of use

Many people who were previously told they were not suitable for contact lenses, will be now! So don’t be put off if you have been previously.


We book you in for an initial appointment with one of our opticians, they would put some lenses on the eye and ask you to walk around for an hour to see how they feel. We then check the vision and if you are happy, an appointment is made for you to attend an application and removal lesson. You may have to come in for a quick check in a couple of week’s time, but once we are both confident and happy for you to take them away, you can! That’s it – it’s that simple!

For more information on contact lenses and prices, please contact the practice on 01792 363353.