Personal Styling


Is this important? You bet! No matter how great our eye examinations are, what really counts, to give you the best vision are, great lenses in a frame that you love, that is comfortable and has been well fitted.

Our team are trained to help you decide what is best for you, even if you have absolutely no idea what you want! From shape of frame to colouring we can help you choose. This is really only something that can be done properly in the practice, rather than online.

The dispensing of spectacles is a skill that requires knowledge, skill and patience. Our dispensing team of Ian, Andrea and Mark have over 60 years experience in optics and have a real passion for helping people choose their spectacles and sunglasses.

We use their experience and the ipads! (for you to see yourself) to help you make your decision. No sales pressure – just honest advice on what is best for you.